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Travel Money Card

Start saving for your next holiday with a Cash Passport

  • Lock in rates for 10 currencies

    Lock in exchange rates each time you load. Load your card with NZD, AUD, EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CAD, HKD, SGD and AED.

  • Stay in control

    Manage and track your card on the go via the Cash Passport app and stay in control of your travel money, from wherever you are.

  • Accepted worldwide

    Use it like a bank card, expect with your own prepaid funds. In-store, online or to withdraw local currency at ATMs.

How do I order a card?

Getting a card is so easy - you can order online and have it delivered to your door within 5 business days, no need to leave the house.

Once your card arrives, you will need to activate it ready to use. You can then continue to load funds onto your card each month; it's like an online piggy bank for your next holiday. 

Already have a Cash Passport?

Login to your account to check your balance, view your transaction history, reload your card and manage your travel money.

Lets talk details

There’s a lot you get from a Cash Passport that you don’t get from an average old credit card. View the additional features of the Cash Passport card, and information on using the card while overseas.

For all the information you need on pricing and fee structures, check out the fees and limits.

Need help?

The Cash Passport customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your questions or assist if your currency card has been lost or stolen.

Simply call the number dedicated to the country you’re in:

  • New Zealand – 0800 444 691
  • Australia – 1800 098 231
  • UK – 0800 056 0572
  • USA/Canada – 1877 465 0085
  • Japan – 00531 780 221
  • Thailand – 00180 442 212
  • Hong Kong – 800 966 321
  • South Korea – 00798 4434 1279
  • Other countries – +44 207 694 9404

You can also check the Help Centre for additional information and answers to common questions regarding the card.

The Multi-currency Cash Passport™ (“Cash Passport”) and Cash Passport™ Platinum Mastercard® (“Cash Passport Platinum”) are unsecured debt securities issued by EML Payment Solutions Limited (“Issuer”). Cash Passport and Cash Passport Platinum are not guaranteed by the Issuer or any other entity. Before you make a decision to acquire a Cash Passport or Cash Passport Platinum, we recommend you read the Product Disclosure Statement for the relevant Cash Passport facility which is available free of charge here.
Mastercard® is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.
* The exchange rates set out in this website apply to reload transactions that are booked on this website only and that are settled within four hours. Subsequent card reloads will be processed at the then prevailing exchange rate on the day of the reload transaction, and will be locked in at that rate. You will be notified of the exchange rate applicable before you confirm your transaction using a particular reload method. When you book a transaction and load NZD or a foreign currency directly onto your card, you will receive the exchange rate notified to you in the "Today's Exchange Rate for Direct Currency Loads" table. Where you conduct a purse to purse transfer and transfer funds already loaded on your card into another currency, you will receive a different exchange rate than when loading funds directly onto your card. You will be notified of the applicable exchange rate before you confirm your purse to purse transaction which may be less favourable than the rate displayed in the "Today's exchange rate for Direct Currency Loads" table. We will provide you with settlement instructions at the time you book a reload transaction. Different exchange rates will apply to card loads and reload transactions in our partner locations or to reload transactions that are conducted directly via Bank Transfer or Bill Payment (i.e. without booking an online transaction). For more information on how we set exchange rates please see the Terms and Conditions.
Please refer to the important information page to view the Product Disclosure Statement, terms and conditions and privacy policy.
^ Some ATM operators may charge an additional withdrawal fee.
~ T&Cs apply. Customer must contact Customer service to report lost or stolen card. Emergency cash can be arranged up to the balance on your Cash Passport, subject to availability of funds at the approved agent location.